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AutoSalvageYard Team


AutoSalvageYard.com was founded by passionate individuals who know there are faster, easier and better ways to buy salvaged cars from individuals, businesses and government agencies. We believe in leveraging the power of modern technolgies to make the buying process simpler, easier and hassle free. 

Family owned and operated, our staff believes in a quality customer experience rooted in providing competitive pricing, friendly service and on-time delivery. We take pride in ensuring our customers receive reliable products at affordable prices with a hassle free customer experience.

More Than 20 Years of Salvage Industry Experience

On-Time Professional Service

Money Back Guarantee On All Parts

Access To The Largest Salvaged Parts Database In The Unites States

Competitive and Fair Pricing

Friendly Customer Service

Cars Purchased From Individuals
Cars Salvaged
Parts Sold



Matthew Selden
Matthew SeldenGeneral Managermatthew@autosalvageyard.com
Leo Rosales
Leo RosalesSales Managerleo@autosalvageyard.com
Thomas Guidry
Thomas GuidryPurchasing Managerthomas@autosalvageyard.com
Rachel Denson
Rachel DensonOffice Managerrachel@autosalvageyard.com

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Do you take flood damaged cars?
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About AutoSalvageYard.com

Autosalvageyard.com buys your vehicle and sells salvaged auto parts at reasonable prices.